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Percocet Detox: Everything You Should Know About Abuse and Addiction Treatment

“Percocet Detox: Everything You Should Know About Abuse and Addiction Treatment”

Percocet is an interesting thing. It can either be beneficial or harmful—it all depends on how you use it. Some people are treated with the use of Percocet, while some are taken to the hospital because of it.

So what is it exactly? Is Percocet a beneficial medicine, or a harmful drug? Should it be prescribed more often or should it be avoided at all costs?

On this article, we will be discussing some of the reasons why Percocet shouldn’t be misused. Along the way, we will also tackle how addiction affects an individual, and what they can do to get better.

What is Percocet?

Percocet is actually the trade name for a drug that’s a combination of oxycodone and paracetamol. Oxycodone is a powerful opioid; a painkiller, a narcotic. It is also a potent pain reliever that can help treat moderate to severe pain.

The paracetamol boosts the drug’s effects, making it even more potent.

Because of this combination, Percocet is dangerous when abused. Still, many people use it recreationally because it provides feelings of euphoria.

Percocet is also commonly abused because it is a prescription drug. It is more accessible compared to other illicit drugs such as methamphetamine or LSD. There’s also this belief that prescription drugs are safer to abuse because it is prescribed by doctors.

What are the Signs of Percocet Abuse?

There are some indications that a person is abusing Percocet. You can look out for these signs if you think someone you love is close to developing dependence or addiction. Percocet users will feel euphoric, drowsy, lightheaded, and unusually relaxed. They may also encounter symptoms such as confusion, vomiting, nausea, constipation, and headaches.

If Percocet was prescribed to them, they may be running out of medicine before they’re supposed to. They may be taking higher doses or taking it more frequently than they should.

One clear indication that someone is abusing Percocet is if they are “doctor shopping”. In an attempt to get more Percocet, they visit different doctors.

What are the Effects of Percocet Abuse?

Percocet can lead to both dependence and addiction. A person who develops dependence can no longer self-regulate. They can’t quit using the drug because their body has already grown used to Percocet’s presence within the system. They suffer from withdrawal whenever they attempt to stop.

Meanwhile, addiction involves the compulsive need for the drug, even when you are already suffering its consequences. Other common Percocet effects include muscle pain, panic attacks, weakness, dizziness, and liver damage.

It is also possible to overdose on Percocet, something that can be fatal if not given immediate medical attention.

How Does Percocet Detox Work?

Addiction is not an easy thing to get over, but it’s still possible to achieve a full recovery. It is done through supervised detox, with the guidance of medical professionals. This detox process drastically reduces the chance of relapse while also making withdrawal much more bearable.

The patient’s Percocet intake is not cut off right away. Instead, it is gradually lowered, until such time they can go without relying on it.

Medications may be used to address withdrawal symptoms that may manifest.

Rehab therapy may also follow soon afterwards. The methods used during this part of the process will depend on the person’s needs. They may go through counseling, or behavioral therapy—the best treatment plan will be provided for them by the rehab facility, based on the patient’s needs.

Get started today and look for an addiction treatment center or detox facility near you!

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