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Oxycodone: A Guide on its Side Effects and How Addiction Can be Treated

“Oxycodone: A Guide on its Side Effects and How Addiction Can be Treated”

Oxycodone is a beneficial drug—a potent, pain relieving substance that’s used in the medical industry to bring relief to patients suffering from traumatic pain. It is so effective that it can also alleviate severe pain such as cancer pain and post-surgical pain.

Oxycodone is even approved in the US for use in children as young as 11 years old! This semi-synthetic opioid is synthesized from thebaine, an alkaloid found specifically in the Persian poppy plant.

However, there is a negative side to all of this—a dark side that comes with frequent misuse of the drug. It’s a popular choice amongst illicit users because of the euphoria it provides, but those people are also the ones who often suffer from its adverse effects. If abused for a long time, this drug can easily cause addiction.

Oxycodone Abuse

Recreational users often abuse the pure form of oxycodone. This leads to more intense adverse effects, as well as a higher risk of developing dependence.

Oxycodone abuse is something that occurs often due to peer pressure or loneliness. It has something to do with a person’s need for social acceptance. It can make them feel more relaxed and able to socialize. Sometimes, it’s simply because they enjoy the feeling of euphoria that it induces. They use it as a way to escape stress.

What’s scary is the fact that most people who use oxycodone recreationally started off using it as a prescription drug. This potent substance is quite habit-forming. And when someone misuses it, they tend to get hooked easily.

For your safety, do not take larger doses of this drug, even when you accidentally skipped a previous dose. Do not take it for longer than is recommended, and immediately call your doctor if you experience some unusual side effects.

Symptoms of Oxycodone Addiction

For starters, if you really think someone you love is abusing oxycodone, you can rely on a drug test to give you the information you want. But oxycodone abuse can also give you some physical hints such as drowsiness, lightheadedness, and itchiness.

A person abusing oxycodone will look more relaxed than usual.

If they are unable to get more of the drug, they may act irrationally or aggressively. You will know that a person is already addicted once they start neglecting their own health, and ignoring their responsibilities.

Obtaining and using the drug becomes their number one priority.

Oxycodone Side Effects and Treatment

Taking larger doses of oxycodone can produce adverse effects such as nausea, vomiting, nervousness, dizziness, abdominal pain, and diarrhea.

There are other serious problems associated with abusing this substance. A person can experience low blood pressure, shallow breathing, respiratory arrest, seizures, coma, cardiac arrest, brain damage and even death.

Addiction—being the compulsive need to take a substance even when it’s harmful—will prevent a person from self-regulating. Most users are completely unable to control their intake because they have developed dependence. Attempting to quit the drug causes them to suffer withdrawal. Their body can’t even function properly without the presence of oxycodone.

The good news is that oxycodone addiction can be treated. The afflicted individual can still recover with the help of an addiction treatment facility. They will undergo different treatment methods—depending on their condition. And the end goal is to keep them sober in the long run.

Some facilities may utilize behavioral therapy, which allow a patient to learn how to cope with stress without the need for drugs. They can get support from fellow addicted individuals; get educated on various techniques to help them with their cravings; and get educated on how to channel their energy in a productive way.

During this process, they will also undergo detoxification. Their dosage will gradually be lowered instead of getting rid of the drug all at once. This allows the body to adjust to the oxycodone’s absence. The patient’s withdrawal symptoms will then be managed.

With your support and guidance, the patient can get back to living a sober life. Find an addiction treatment center near you today and get them started on the path to recovery.

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