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What You Need to Know about Norco Detox and the Effects of Substance Abuse

“What You Need to Know about Norco Detox and the Effects of Substance Abuse”

Norco is a combination of acetaminophen and hydrocodone. It is a prescription drug that can be used to treat patients suffering from moderate to severe pain. Due to the combination of two substances, however, this drug is quite potent.

Abusing norco can easily lead to addiction, dependence, and a few other adverse health effects. Today we are going to discuss what these effects are, and how an addicted individual can get better.

What is Norco?

This drug is beneficial when used as prescribed. It can treat cancer pain, surgical pain, and traumatic pain.

Hydrocodone is a powerful drug that can slow or stop someone’s breathing when misused. Acetaminophen further boosts its effects, making norco a dangerous substance for users who take it recreationally.

If you or someone you love is addicted to Norco, it is best to seek treatment and have the patient go through detox. We will discuss how this works near the end of the article. If your doctor prescribes norco, be sure to follow their instructions carefully. Do not take larger doses even if you accidentally skip one. Also, do not take this drug for longer than is recommended.

This is a habit-forming drug, and it can be hard to get off it once you’ve developed dependence.

Norco Side Effects and Overdose

This drug can cause some side effects, even in users that take pharmaceutical doses. Be sure to report all symptoms and side effects to your doctor right away.

Commonly, these include constipation, drowsiness, dry mouth, headache, blurred vision, and upset stomach. In some cases, acetaminophen can even cause liver failure and kidney failure.

Overdose is also a possibility, especially in recreational settings where people don’t even attempt to regulate their intake. They may suddenly go pale or experience irregular heartbeat. In some cases, overdose causes breathing difficulties, sudden loss of consciousness, and seizures.

Norco Addiction and Dependence

Addiction is when a person begins prioritizing the drug over everything else. They will start neglecting their responsibilities, just so they can abuse norco. They may damage their own career, relationships, and health along the way. They will present a compulsive need to take the drug, even when they are already experiencing its consequences.

People who have developed dependence, on the other hand, will be unable to quit the drug even if they want to. Their bodies have already adjusted to the drug’s presence, and it reacts negatively when it does not detect norco in the user’s system.

Withdrawal symptoms will often force drug dependent individuals to relapse.

Oftentimes, a person’s self-esteem is damaged when they become addicted to Norco—or any illicit substance for that matter. The drug’s mental effects will keep them from making good decisions. Some even get in trouble with the law, or get into traffic accidents.

This downward spiral may continue until they seek treatment.

Norco Addiction Treatment

Despite this difficult challenge, an addicted individual can still get better. There’s still hope for recovery, especially with the help of medical professionals. A well-equipped detox facility, with well-trained staff, will be able to provide their needs, so that they can focus on getting sober.

Inpatient treatment puts the patient in a safe and caring environment, where they can undergo medically supervised detoxification. This process involves gradually lowering their Norco intake, so that withdrawal won’t be as intense. Any unpleasant symptoms that may manifest are immediately managed.

The timetable for their recovery will depend on many factors: dosage taken, frequency of Norco intake, longevity of the problem, and the patient’s health condition.

A proper treatment plan will be created for their specific needs, because no two cases are exactly the same. But most of the time, it involves detox, followed by behavioral therapy. The goal is to get a person back into a drug-free lifestyle—making them sober again, and helping them stay sober on their own.

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