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Methadone Detox: All about Abuse, Side Effects, and Treatment

“Methadone Detox: All about Abuse, Side Effects, and Treatment”

Drug detox is a necessary procedure for people who are addicted or physically dependent on certain substances. Methadone is an opioid that can be used for such purposes. It allows for the gradual reduction of drug intake, so that the patient can get back to living a sober life.

However, being an opioid itself, methadone can also cause addiction for people who abuse it.

Today we’re going to talk about methadone, particularly the effects of misuse—and what addicted individuals can do to get better.

What is Methadone?

Methadone is a prescription drug that is often sold under the brand name Dolophine. It can be used to treat people who are dealing with opioid dependence. It can also help patients suffering from moderate to severe pain.

On top of these, methadone can be used for maintenance therapy.

For detox purposes, methadone can have gradual or rapid effects—the doctor will prescribe the proper dosage based on the patient’s needs. It is recognized in the medical industry for its benefits.

But because of its euphoric effects, it’s also a popular drug amongst illicit users. It doesn’t help that methadone is more accessible compared with other illicit substances.

Methadone Use: Side Effects

Methadone, being a potent drug, can produce intense effects even for those who are taking it at pharmaceutical doses. It is important that patients take the exact dosage prescribed and report any side effect that occurs because of it.

Even if you miss a dose, do not take higher doses to make up for the skipped dose.

Common side effects include bleeding gums, blood in urine and stools, blurred vision, dry mouth, dizziness, sweating, fainting, nausea, weight gain, vomiting, and seizures.

Effects of Methadone Abuse

Effects of methadone abuse may vary from person to person. But just like other drugs, it can cause tolerance, dependence, and addiction if misused for a long time. The risk of developing these problems increase as someone takes larger doses—a habit that is associated with recreational use.

When a person becomes tolerant, the person begins needing more and more of the drug just to get the same euphoric effects. With dependence, the problem becomes a bit more difficult to handle. At this point the body has grown used to the drug’s presence, meaning it won’t function properly if the user doesn’t take methadone. Quitting the drug abruptly can cause intense and unpleasant withdrawal.

Once a person spirals into addiction, quitting becomes extremely difficult. They compulsively crave for methadone, even when the adverse effects are setting in. Methadone can cause sexual dysfunction, respiratory problems, lack of coordination, and the inability to make good decisions.

Methadone Abuse Treatment

Methadone is a beneficial drug—it can help people get over their dependence on opioids. But for those who misuse this substance, they may need some other form of treatment. Once abused, methadone can cause the exact same problem.

Methadone abuse treatment centers are designed to manage the effects of opioid withdrawal. The patient will undergo detox that is supervised by medical professionals. In no time, the user can stop relying on methadone.

Relapse is a common thing. This is why most detox facilities often offer programs that educate patients on how to cope with their cravings. These cognitive therapy sessions and behavioral techniques can help them adjust to their drug-free life.

Since every patient is different, no two treatment methods will be exactly the same. It’s going to be a personal journey for them.

Get them started on this path today and look for a detox treatment facility near you!

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