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Ketamine: Beneficial Medicine or Harmful Drug?

“Ketamine: Beneficial Medicine or Harmful Drug?”

Ketamine: is it a helpful medicine that can save lives? Or is it a deadly substance that can end it?

With the facts and reports surrounding the various usage of ketamine, we are led to believe that it can be both. But in recreational settings, where self-regulation is rarely applied, it can be difficult to tell where the benefits end and the adverse effects begin.

On this article, we hope to explore what makes ketamine good and what makes it lethal. Here we’ll discuss everything you need to know about “Special K”.

Ketamine: A Brief Overview

Ketamine is a dissociative anesthetic. It is more frequently used in veterinary medicine, but it also serves a purpose for humans. It can be used for maintaining anesthesia. In fact, this fast-acting drug is still one of the drugs listed on the World Health Organization’s List of Essential Medicines. That’s how effective it is.

It comes in a liquid form which puts the patient in a dream-like state within just five minutes. The effects can last up to 25 minutes, with the person experiencing sedation, pain relief, and relaxation.

Though the person maintains the ability to breathe, the patient may suffer from a bit of memory loss during the effect’s duration.

Ketamine is a very potent drug, which may cause side effects even when used at anesthetic doses. For this reason, it is mainly used for severely injured people. It seems to be most effective as a sedative for emergency medical procedures, wherein the patient is in a lot of pain. It is sometimes used in war zones, for soldiers who are out in the field.

Ketamine Abuse

Beyond its medical purposes, ketamine sees frequent use in recreational settings. It is a commonly abused drug in clubs, raves, music festivals, and house parties. Its hallucinogenic effects are known to be synergistic with the lights and sounds in these environments.

Users may inject, snort, or mix it into a drink and then take orally. High doses of ketamine are taken during these events because there’s no accurate way to measure how much is “too much”—and no one will tell you to stop. This often leads to various health problems, some of which can be very dangerous.

Ketamine also has a reputation for being a “date-rape” drug. It is used by rapists on their victims in order to render them unable to move or react. The trance-like state that the drug puts the victim in keeps them from resisting.

Ketamine abuse can lead to death, not only because of its health effects, but also because of the way it affects behavior.

It can make a person unable to respond properly to their surroundings, leading to accidents. Abuse-related deaths frequently involve drowning, traffic accidents, and accidental poisoning. Ketamine abusers can also become suicidal.

Effects of Ketamine Use

Side effects may occur even while under medical supervision, and even when the patient is being handled by professionals. Patients may hallucinate, feeling detached from reality. They may also feel nauseated, anorexic, and unable to breathe properly. These effects are considered normal, and are to be expected when taking ketamine. The medical professionals will help the patient manage these effects.

However, long term abuse can lead to further harm. Ketamine’s effects can reach various parts of the body, affecting almost every area. It can damage the bladder, the urinary tract, the stomach, the eyes, and even the brain.

Once the person gets addicted to the drug, they may develop dependence for it. This means that their body reacts to the drug’s absence, forcing them to continuously take the substance, even when they know it’s harming them.

Quitting the drug may lead to withdrawal effects. They may experience involuntary eye movements, anxiety, depression, exhaustion, chills, and nightmares.

Ketamine Addiction Treatment

Fortunately, these unpleasant symptoms can still be managed—with the help of medical professionals, that is. If you or someone you love is suffering from ketamine addiction, you can seek treatment by finding the best detox center near you.

A good detoxification facility will keep the patient in a safe and comfortable environment, where they can focus their time on getting better.

Their dosage will gradually be lowered, and their withdrawal symptoms will be managed.

They may also go through behavioral therapy, during which they can readjust to a drug-free life. They can learn various coping techniques that will help them react to stress without relying on ketamine, as well as any other drug.

The goal of any addiction treatment center is to help the patient achieve sobriety and maintain it. Various methods may be used depending on the person’s needs, but the objective is just the same. They should be able to stay sober, long after the program ends.

Ketamine is a highly potent drug. Its effects are always extreme. It can either save a life or end it. For this reason, it’s best to leave it alone and let the experts handle it.

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